What you can do with us

Private Event

Giving time together
Who is not always faced with the big question of what to give siblings, mum, aunt, grandma or grandpa this year again for their birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas or Easter? And then the other side: Who doesn’t have one or two dust catchers at home that used to be a well-meant gift?
There is good news for all those who recognize each other here: Because the most precious thing you can give your friends and family is time. And you can spend this time playing an escape game.

For the curious and adventurous
Cinema, hiking, eating out: we all like doing that – and somehow we always have. Wouldn’t it be time to try something new? Escape games have only been trendy for a few years – and maybe you’ve never tried one? Or you have a visitor and want to surprise him with excitement and puzzle action in addition to classic sightseeing? Either way: Grab some friends and pick a room with us!

For all generations
It’s easy to say what to do with the whole family – but it’s often not so easy to reconcile the wishes of all those involved: At 73 you don’t necessarily want to climb, at 16 you don’t necessarily want to go to the museum, and at 43 you just want to get away from all the screens. An Escape Game is just the right thing: from grandchild to grandma, everyone can play together, because our different puzzles are exciting for everyone – and there is no power required, only brains and skill.