What you can do with us


teams in transition
The days of starting a job at 20, keeping it and then retiring with colleagues you knew for 40 years are long gone. Our world is spinning faster and faster every day and is constantly changing.

We notice this at work too: we constantly have to adapt to new situations, new tasks, new processes and programs. And we are increasingly working in flexible and interdisciplinary teams with very different people.

Basis for good cooperation
Breaking the ice between people who are supposed to work together from zero to one hundred is sometimes not so easy. What’s more, the members of a team often come from completely different worlds: a designer and an IT specialist, even if it’s getting a bit clichéd now, see things literally with completely different eyes – and often have a completely different temperament.

Megaclue creates a good basis for all those who are supposed to pull together. With us you approach cooperation as a team in a playful way. Each individual can use his or her individual skills – and the shared experience creates an authentic feeling of togetherness that will remain with you for a long time to come.